Wednesday, February 01, 2017

January 2017 Recap

What a month!!  123.01 miles in 22 days. This was my best month not including April and May of 2015 when I ran every day during those two months. This was only the second month that I exceeded 120 miles for the month. Last time was 3.5 years ago in July 2013 when I ran 121.0 Miles over 25 days and that included an 11 mile run.

January has historically been one of my weaker months, I really do not like running in the cold.  My motivation just drops to nil the colder the temperatures fall. Also, here in Israel, January can be a very wet month. I have been lucky this past January. It was drier and warmer than in the past years.

I started off the month by running 7 out the first 8 days and finished out the first half with getting out there 12 out of 15 days with a mileage total of 68.08. Towards the end of the month, we had a few days of rain and I had to get on the exercise bike for a couple of the nights. These rides are usually shorter than I typically run.

I had 10 runs over 6 miles during the month. I even added jump-roping to do after some of the runs. I was very happy with my consistency over the month and am looking forward to carrying the momentum into February.

How was your January?

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