Thursday, November 05, 2020

Running in the Rain

 Today, the forecast was a chance of rain.  Before I went out, I looked at the radar and then at the sky. I figured about halfway during the run, it would start to rain.  I grabbed my jacket and then went out.

At first, it was nice and sunny.  But then a little over 3 miles in, it started to rain lightly.  After about 2 more miles, the skies opened up and the rain really started to fall. I was getting soaked.  But, I was having so much fun. Its so freeing to run in the rain. 

Earlier this year, was the first time I ever ran in the rain. I used to use rain days as a day off or adjust my schedule and go out a different time. I was always afraid my shoes would get ruined or I would slip.

The trick is to be prepare for the rain.  You cannot go as fast or hard as you normally would.  You can easily slip.   I left the phone at home and put my ID in two baggies so it would not get wet.

The hardest part of running in the rain is not the rain itself or getting wet from the rain, but when you are running on the sidewalk next to a street and cars drive by and you can get splashed. 

I adjusted my route to avoid certain streets where the water starts to run when it rains. I also got lucky. A bus was about to pass me and I was as far over as I was able to. The bus driver saw me and moved slightly over to avoid the big puddle and splashing me. So did the driver behind him. 

I then cut through the park to avoid another street with a  curve that usually has big puddle when it rains. Lastly, I finished my route by running on the walking path rather than on the sidewalk. This way I avoided the last chance to get splashed. 

I completed 9 miles and I was soaked. But I had so much fun, that I would do it again.

When I arrived home, I put everything in the wash and newspaper in my shoes to dry them out. 

Don't be afraid to run in the rain. Its just water and you will dry out.