Tuesday, June 06, 2017

My Favorite kind of Run

I like to mix and match my runs during the month. Sometimes I do wear a watch if I am going for speed or a new distance. Other times I listen to a podcast, the radio or a playlist. And a few times I run without either. I even leave the cell phone behind as well. I have a totally free run.

These usually turn out to be some of my favorite runs of the month. All day long I am on the computer for my job.  I am usually listening to music during my commute to and from work. But when I head out on my run without music or a watch, I can really clear my head.

My mind wanders. It goes from the day at work to what I need to do tomorrow. I just think and day dream. It is a great feeling.

Do you ever go out for a run and leave everything behind? How do those runs compare to your others?

Monday, June 05, 2017

Dogs and Their Inconsiderate Owners

Near the end of my run, I was contemplating either extending it by a mile or two or just ending it. I was already over 5 miles and was satisfied with how it went. The last mile was my fastest and I was cruising comfortably.

I was on the walking path near my house and I passed a lady with a small dog. I quickly noticed the dog was not a leash and started running towards me. She started calling after her dog. The dog did not listen. At first it just started barking and looking like it was going to jump on me. I kept running thinking it would stop and return to its owner as others have done before.

It kept following me and jumping. I finally had enough. I turned around, stomped my foot and screamed at the dog very loud. The dog got scared and ran away. I then screamed to the woman "What the F&ck? and held out my middle finger to her.

I am not proud of that. In fact I felt pretty embarrassed. However, because the dog was jumping on, I had go from a fast sprint to a complete stop a lot quicker that I usually do. At the time, I was worried about an injury. I was just very angry and annoyed. This is not the first time this has happened.

How often does this happen to you and how do you usually handle these situations?