Tuesday, June 06, 2017

My Favorite kind of Run

I like to mix and match my runs during the month. Sometimes I do wear a watch if I am going for speed or a new distance. Other times I listen to a podcast, the radio or a playlist. And a few times I run without either. I even leave the cell phone behind as well. I have a totally free run.

These usually turn out to be some of my favorite runs of the month. All day long I am on the computer for my job.  I am usually listening to music during my commute to and from work. But when I head out on my run without music or a watch, I can really clear my head.

My mind wanders. It goes from the day at work to what I need to do tomorrow. I just think and day dream. It is a great feeling.

Do you ever go out for a run and leave everything behind? How do those runs compare to your others?

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