Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Old Man and the Mail

Well, I was all set to go out for my three mile run tonight.  I did my usual routine.  I got dressed, filled my water bottle, gathered the trash and left.  I got as far as the mailboxes, when I ran into an older neighbor walking his dog.  We started talking and catching up since the last time we spoke.  Next thing I knew, the sun went down, it got dark and 40 minutes went by.  We said goodbye I gathered the mail and walked home.

Even though I didn't make it out for my run tonight, I still felt good.   Before I started Running Without a Watch, I would have been all down on myself and come home and eaten a terrible dinner.  Now I have a different outlook on running.  Even though I didn't run tonight, I came home and ate a healthy dinner with normal portions, followed by some fruit for dessert.

Tomorrow is another day.

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