Monday, October 03, 2011


162!!!  This is the lowest weight I have been since the Summer of 2008.  To my amazement, this weight loss even followed a five day break from running with a holiday in the middle.  We had seven big meals planned for the three day holiday, filled with lots of fresh bread and desserts to eat.  In preparation for this overabundance of food, I decided to limit myself to only fruit for dessert and have one piece of bread at each meal.

In the past, I would eat a half of a loaf or more of bread and about as much dessert as I could stuff in before my wife would give me the eye that says "You have had enough".  After six meals of sticking to this plan, I treated myself the last night to two small pieces of chocolate cake and one piece of homemade apple cake.  I started to feel some old habits creeping in, so I immediately got up from the table before I ate the entire cake!

After the holiday, I discovered that I had actually dropped one pound, making this new approach to eating an even bigger success than I had hoped for.  I feel more confident and ready for my next challenge this week…my first time at a restaurant in over a month.

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