Friday, December 16, 2011

Anything good in life, does not come easy

During some down time at work today, we were discussing weight loss and I happened to mention that I have lost over 18 pounds in a little over 90 days.  One of my coworkers, “Jenna” responded by saying “I hate you.”  Since we know each other well, I knew this was said in jest; she still thinks I have some kind of magic ability to lose weight.

I’ve told her many times that she has the power to lose weight too, even the 18-20 pounds that she desperately wants to shed.  But she must be willing to put the effort forth.  For instance, instead of sporadic high intensity workouts, she would achieve more success with less intensity, frequent exercise.  I run three to four miles about four to five times a week; consistency is the key.

Also, she needs to make better food choices.  The majority of my meals are home cooked, and attention is paid to portion size, especially when it comes to foods that I used to really overeat, like cereal and pasta.  I also keep fruits and vegetables readily available for snacking throughout the day.
Finally, in addition to the time set aside for running, I squeeze in as much walking as I can during the day.  I take walks during my lunch break, commute, and while spending time with my family.  It is an easy and quick way to burn off some extra calories, without taking a heavy toll on your body.

This may sound so simple, like I’ve got it all figured out.  But it took me many years of watching the scale rise and fall before I made these lifestyle changes.   It hasn’t been easy, but this journey which has taken hard work, introspection, and a strong support system, has been well worth the sweat and the tears.  With real effort, I believe that anything is possible. 

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