Thursday, December 01, 2011

Looking back on November

As I continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle, the scope of success broadens, and I can look back on the achievements of an entire month.  Last month, on November 1st, I weighed 160.0 pounds, and today I weigh 158.0 pounds.  Although I lost two more pounds, totaling 14 pounds, more importantly, my weight stayed constant.   I went running 18 out of 30 days last month, including the six days that I didn’t run because of knee pain.  I ran mostly three miles at a time, with a few six mile runs mixed in.  In addition to running, I continue to take advantage of the nice weather and take walks during my lunch break to stretch my legs and clear my head. 

A coworker (who lives in my neighborhood and often sees me running) joked that every time she turns around I seem to be working out.  I told her that I feel better when I am active and outside in the fresh air.  As she glanced outside, she smiled with a hopeful look in her eye.  I smiled back, said goodbye, and with an extra pep in my step, I headed back to my seat to finish out the day’s work. 

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