Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Importance of "Me" Time

I haven’t been able to run at all this past week.  First, my legs were feeling achy, and then I came down with a sore throat.  I guess I could have gone running, because the rest of me felt great.  But then I remembered that when I run in the cold weather, my throat gets extremely dry and hurts for about an hour afterwards.  I decided to take care of myself, and not aggravate an already burning throat. 

Throughout the entire week, I maintained a healthy, balanced diet, and never felt any urges to overeat or overindulge, as has happened in the past.  I also continued to enjoy my walks to and from the bus stop, as well during my lunch break.  Like running, walking during the day always gives me a boost of energy and helps me to maintain a relaxed state of mind.  All in all, my weight stayed the same at 155.5 pounds, and I felt that taking the time off from running was the right choice. 

Now that I am fully recovered, I can’t wait to get back out there and RUN!!  During this past week, I realized that the aspect of running I missed the most was not having that time at the end of the day set aside for me only.  Once work is over and the kids are in bed, there is nothing better than feeling the fresh air on my face and the vibration of the ground below me, while I organize my thoughts and reflect on the day. 

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