Tuesday, November 15, 2011

9 Diet foods that make you hungrier

Here is an article about nine diet foods that will make you hungrier.  Below you will find my opinion regarding these foods and the experience I have had with each of them.

1.       Light Yogurt - I only eat regular yogurt, and also stay away from low fat and fat free foods altogether; I would rather have more natural fat, and less chemical substitutes going into my body.  Yogurt is one of my pre-run foods that I eat before going for a run.

2.      Puffed Cereal with Skim Milk – I eat one cup of Honey Nut Cheerios and ½ cup of milk every morning for breakfast.  I enjoy this quick and tasty start to my day, but I am careful to measure my serving, or I could easily eat about half the box in one sitting!

3.      Big green salad with low fat or fat free dressing – I have never cared for the taste of salad dressing, but I have eaten plenty of salads and enjoyed just the taste of the fresh crisp vegetables.  I also try to add some protein to my salad, in the form of dry tuna, quinoa, or beans.  I believe that topping your salad with some extra virgin olive oil and/or vinegar is a nice way to add some flavor, but if you need to load on the dressing and other toppings like cheese, croutons or nuts--skip it altogether.

4.      Rice Cakes –   I really like the taste of rice cakes, but I used to eat too many at a time.  Now when I need to munch, I cut up two carrots and half of a red pepper into sticks for a crunchy and colorful snack. 

5.      Chewing Gum - I strongly disagree with the article about the harm caused by chewing gun.  Chewing gum is my standby when I am craving junk food or I have finished my lunch early in the day.  It makes my mouth feel clean and fresh and acts as a reminder that mealtime is over.  I choose gum over mints, because mints dissolve too quickly, prompting me to keep popping them into my mouth, whereas one stick of gum lasts a while.  Here is another tip along the same line.  In the evening, when I have finished eating, I brush my teeth right away and rinse with mouthwash.  Just like chewing gum, it’s a signal that there is no more eating for the night. 

6.      Diet Soda – I strongly agree with the author.  Looking back, when I was at my heaviest weight, I drank a lot of diet soda.  I removed all soda from diet many years ago, and only order a soda on special occasions.  All I drink now is water and some black coffee.

7.      Apple - How can eating one apple lead to overeating at dinner?   This is a ridiculous statement because someone could read this article and be led to believe that apples are bad for them.  Here’s a thought, if one apple does not fill you up, eat another apple or find some other fruit or vegetable to go with it.  I eat an apple that I cut into easy to chew slices, followed by carrot and red pepper sticks for a filling and nutritious snack.

8.      Low Calorie Frozen Entrees – I agree with the author and do my best to stay away from processed meals.  They are loaded with salt, preservatives, and may contain multiple servings, making it very easy to overeat.  A better idea is to have a frozen chicken patty or hamburger in the fridge.  By combining this protein with some pasta and steamed vegetables, you have put together a delicious and balanced meal.  I know that that the processed meat is not the healthiest thing either, but it is still better and cheaper than ordering in or going out to eat.

9.      Fat Free Baked Goods – I also stay away from labels that say fat free, diet, or low fat on them.  When given a choice, I choose the option that is the least processed, regardless of the amount of calories. 

What are your thoughts about the articles?  What experiences have you had with these and other “diet foods that make you hungrier?”

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