Thursday, November 10, 2011

The mysterious 3.8

I have been feeling good, so good in fact, that I just extended my run on some nights from 3 miles to 3.8 miles.  I know what you are thinking, how did I come up with such a number?  Why not just even it out to 4 miles?  I have a very good reason--simplicity.  There is a detour that I can add to my usual route, which takes me around a loop and extends my run to 3.8 miles.  I finish at exactly the same spot as I always do. 

My running and my overall health have really benefited from keeping things simple and not fixating on speed and distance.  In the past, I felt that 3.8 miles was not good enough; I had to make it to 4 miles each time.  However, with the guidance of Running Without a Watch, I have relaxed and I let my body determine how fast and how far I run each night; 3.8 miles or 4.0 miles, what is the difference?

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