Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lazy Ways to Shed Pounds

Here is an article called “6 Lazy Ways to Shed Pounds”.  I would like to “weigh on” on my opinions regarding the ideas discussed in this article.

· Take a multi vitamin.  Before taking any kind of supplement, I recommend discussing it with you doctor first.  I do not take any vitamin supplements; I consume at least six servings of fruit throughout the day.

· Weigh yourself.  I recommend weighing yourself on a weekly basis, although I still find myself checking the scale every day.  Just today, my weight has fluctuated two and a half pounds since yesterday, but my weekly weight has stayed down. 

·Start your meal with a soup or salad.  Instead of filling up on extra calories before you eat the rest of your meal, try preparing soup or salad that contains a form of protein like chicken, quinoa, beans, or tofu.  It can stand alone as a delicious and filling meal.  

·Eat Breakfast. I eat breakfast every day.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated; I eat honey nut cheerios and milk.  I measure 1 cup of cereal with ½ cup of milk.  Once I arrive to work, I eat a banana and a serving of nuts.

·Drink water before you eat. I drink water all day long.  It is important to drink before, during and after eating.

·Buy cut vegetables. While I prefer to buy whole fruits and vegetables and cut them myself, it can be a time saver for some people.  Buying precut fruits and veggies is a lot healthier than anything else you would get from the vending machine.

What tips have you found to increase your overall health and wellness?

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