Friday, November 11, 2011

Eat My Dust!

Last night when I went for a run, I saw a guy up ahead of me who also looked like he was out running.  Since I was feeling really good, I decided to have a little fun and change up my run; I wanted to see if I could catch up to him. 

Just when I was getting close to him, he decided to start walking.  Maybe he wasn’t running after all, I wondered; maybe he was just trying to quicken his walk home.  A bit disappointed, I flew right past him and slowed down.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard heavy footsteps behind me.  He was trying to catch up to me now!

I continued to run at a slow pace, waiting to see if he was going to try to pass me.  I figured that if he passed me, I would let him get halfway up the hill before I sped up to see if I could catch him again.   Although he never caught up to me, I was so charged that I rocketed up the hill, nearly sprinting the entire way.  When I looked back, I grinned; he was nowhere in sight.

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