Friday, December 06, 2013

Cold Run

Winter has finally arrived. We had our first real rain of the season yesterday. The temperatures are turning colder.  Yesterday was the first time I had to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt to go running.  I was trying to time my run for when there was a break in the weather.

Around 5:00pm, it looked like it was starting to clear up over our city. I could see the stars and the moon in part of the sky.  However, running when it is wet outside can be dangerous. I have tripped in the past and luckily did not get injured minus a few scrapes. 

I knew I was going to run a short route and go a little slower.  I am very careful over the crosswalks and painted curbs as these are slippery when wet.  I thought about extending my run to 4 miles, but then about halfway it started to drizzle. I was not looking to be caught in the rain.

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