Friday, January 20, 2012

Cold Weather Gear

Running in the cold can be brutal if you do not have the right gear.  Without a doubt, I am a warm weather runner.  From the first cold days of November until the final cold days of March, I simply cannot wait until spring and summer arrive.  However, I have discovered a few pieces of essential running gear to make my winter runs more enjoyable.

1.       Running Gloves-- These are thin enough to hold my water bottle in my hand without dropping it but warm enough to keep the chill off of me when it is windy. 
2.       Ear Warmers--These are must.  Not only do they keep my ears warm, but they also keep my hat from flying off in the wind.
3.       Hat--Wearing a hat helps to keep my head warm.
4.       Undershirt--I wear a Champion brand thermal undershirt that also helps to protect
me against the chill of the wind. 
5.       Pants-- If it gets cold enough, I wear pants.   Although the pants seem to slow me down a bit, I figure that it’s better to get out there in the cold than to sit at home and complain about the cold weather!
6.       Sunglasses-- I love my Oakley 5’s.  These things wrap around, keeping the sun, the wind, and the rain/snow out of my eyes.  The only time I don’t wear my sunglasses is at night.  If only I could find a clear pair to wear at night…Oakley are you listening?
7.       Water Bottle --I use this easy to hold water bottle.  I fill up the bottle and place it in the fridge the night before.  Even though it is cold out, the cold water still feels so good.

If there is anything that you use to make your cold weather runs more enjoyable, please let me know!

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