Sunday, January 08, 2012

When You are Ready to Mix it up

I started “Running without a Watch” to help me improve my consistency with running.  Too many times I had ended a run feeling disappointed with my time or distance.  This snowballed into a viscous cycle of irregular exercise and poor eating.  However, “Running Without a Watch” has been a formula for success since day one.

I highly recommend it to people like me who are looking for ways to be more consistent with their exercise, or to people who are discovering exercise for the first time.  It is also a great program to follow after recovering from an injury or having a baby.

After about 90 days (maybe less) of following this plan, your workouts should be consistent enough to move onto other ventures.  Maybe you will want to train for a half or full marathon, triathlon, or take up bike riding or another sport.  With a solid foundation, taking on new challenges is fun and exciting; you will never know what you are capable of unless you try.    

With over 120 days of this program under my belt, I have laid the groundwork for consistent exercise and healthy heating.  I am thrilled to announce that I will be participating in my first ever 10k race!  I am also proud to share with you that I am even able to take a watch with me every now and then, just to see how fast I am running.  It’s different now…no frustration and disappointment.  I’m past all of that.  Go on, give this program a try.  You never know where it will lead you!

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