Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Dinner with Friends

Tonight was the first night out to a restaurant since beginning this transformation of my food and exercise habits.  Understandably so, I was very nervous about what would happen at the restaurant.  Usually, when we all go out in a group, we order a few appetizers, drinks, a main course and then dessert, all of which is paid for by the company credit card.

As I sat anxiously in my seat, trying to make small talk, the waitress came to take our order.  I started to order a diet sprite, but quickly decided to stick to water. After looking over the menu which consisted mostly of hamburgers and steaks, I decided to try something other than the typical burger and fries.  I ordered chicken, green beans, almonds, carrots and onions mixed together in a wok, with some whole wheat bread on the side.

The chicken and green beans were pretty good, and I ate some of the other vegetables as well.  After I finished eating, I quickly put a piece of gum in my mouth to stop the temptation of eating fries that one of my co-workers offered to me.

The last test for the night was dessert.  I have such a sweet tooth!!  I also have this urge to eat dessert after every meal, especially when I go out to eat.  I was on the verge of ordering some kind of ice cream with a cookie and piece of cake all covered in chocolate syrup.  I felt myself wavering over the line, going back and forth in my head, saying things like "it’s free" or "it’s only once in a while."  When the waitress came to me, I smiled because I had made my decision, and proudly said, “No thank you.”

Dinner was a sweet success.  I got to be part of the team and socialize with my co-workers, without overindulging.  I passed this test with flying colors!

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