Sunday, October 09, 2011

Five weeks and counting

Five weeks and I am still going strong.  In this short time, I have dropped nine pounds, my running has started to feel easier, and I feel like I am running so much faster!  Sometimes I think about taking my watch with me, but I have decided to forge ahead and see where this all leads me. 

Other positive changes I have noticed during these past five weeks include being able to recover from poor food choices a lot quicker.  There have also been instances that I have gone out to eat and I did not overeat.  I have noticed more times that I am able to resist the free food temptations at work.  Finally, after taking a layoff from running because of a holiday or spending time with my family, I am able to get right back on working out without skipping a beat.

This is a dramatic lifestyle change.  For the first time in my life, I am discovering a healthy balance of eating right, working out, being social with friends and spending time with my family!

Here are some helpful tips that I have discovered along the way:

1.  Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as I want.  (I find that eating fruit takes away my sweet tooth and it takes a long time to munch on carrots and red peppers.)
2.  Use smaller plates and bowls.
3.  Measure out portions when eating cereal and pasta.
4.  Stop eating dessert.
5.  Stop having bread with every meal.  (I used to eat a roll or bagel or piece of pita with lunch and dinner.)
6.  Start  Running Without a Watch.  (I used Google maps and I mapped out three, four, five, and six mile courses.  Speed does not matter to me.  It is more important for me to go out and finish.)
7.  Weigh yourself every week.

Remember, this is all based on a scientific study of one!

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