Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tales of Success

I have two tales of success to share with you.

The first success occurred the other night, when my wife and I took the kids down the street for dinner.  We ordered them chicken fingers and fries to share, while my wife ordered their famous falafel sandwich.  I was hungry before we left, so I quickly ate a peanut butter sandwich at home, while everyone was loading into the stroller.  Fueling my body with something healthy and filling before going out turned out to be a great strategy.  As everyone was munching on their delicious food, I decided to try the chicken fingers, as I had never before had them from this restaurant.  In the past, when I would take one bite of anything new and tasty, I would find myself eating more and more, until I had somehow placed another order just for myself!  But this time it was different.  All I had was the one little taste and nothing more.  The most remarkable thing that I noticed, was that I did not even feel like I was depriving myself.

The second success occurred the following day at work. The office ordered pizza for a working lunch.  A working lunch is where the office "asks" you to work during your lunch hour in exchange for free pizza.  While the pizza smelled good, and everyone around me was munching on the doughy delight, I did not eat even one piece of pizza.  Even as a team member brought a whole pie back to our group for round one of the eating frenzy, and even as he placed it on the desk next to mine, inviting me to have “just one,” I stuck to my guns.  I know what will happen if I eat one.  If I have one, it will turn into four. This has happened to me so many times before.  But again, this time it felt different.  Although  the pizza smelled really, good, my body did not crave it.  Instead, I took my pre-packed lunch outside and enjoyed the fresh air and the sunlight.  Then I took a ten minute walk around the block to reflect on how far I’ve come.

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