Monday, October 10, 2011

The Walk Break

I was thinking today about when it is acceptable to leave the office during the workday.  The only two situations that come to mind are smoke breaks, and lunch breaks.  Usually if you are going to get a bite to eat, you wind up stopping at the local bakery or fast food restaurant, which doesn’t exactly offer the healthiest food selection to sustain you throughout a long and grueling workday.  With regard to smoke breaks, well, do we even need to discuss the toll it takes on your heart, lungs and overall well-being?  I didn’t think so.

Now what if you told your boss that you were stepping out for a "Walk Break?”  Your boss would probably laugh you out of the office.  But think about it, out of the three types of breaks, which do you think would impact the bottom line the most?

I try to go outside a few times a day or at least get up from the desk and walk around the office.  I feel very refreshed and when I get back, and I’ve noticed how this boost of energy leads to increased focus and productivity.  If people are allowed to go out and take a smoke break, I say join the crowd but take a “Walk Break” instead.

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