Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When the unthinkbale becomes the acheviable.

The number on the scale before me this morning read 160.0.  Awesome!  I reached my goal weight after 48 days of Running Without a Watch.  This is the lowest the scale has said in my entire adult life.  My heaviest weight was about seven years ago; I weighed 206 pounds.  The difference between my highest and lowest weight is 46 pounds.

During these past seven years I feel like I have tried everything to lose this weight.  When my first son was born, I weighed 190 pounds.  Through hard work on the treadmill, and giving up eating at restaurants for six months, I got down to 160.5.  While this was a huge accomplishment, I was unable to maintain this weight.  Once I started to eat out at restaurants again, my weight quickly rose to 175.   

For a while, I fluctuated between 170 and 175.  While this sounds like a pretty good weight, I could feel in body that I wasn’t as fit and as healthy as I could be.  I knew I needed to find a healthy way to maintain a consistent weight; I was tired of watching my weight go up and down on the scale, year after year.  Without a doubt in my mind, I have finally found the way. 

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