Monday, August 19, 2013

It's That Simple

To lose weight, its very simple. Eat less, move more.  For some reason people are always looking for the easy way to accomplish this. I have read two disturbing articles recently dealing with people and what they will do to lose weight. 

The first one involved some kind of treatment placed on your tongue which makes it painful to swallow. They women they interviewed were trying to lose weight over the next few weeks to look good in a bathing suit on a trip. What kind of doctor would even perform this type of treatment?

The other one involves a person who swallowed a tapeworm that she bought of the internet.  Why?  She wanted a quick way to lose weight.  Again, to lose weights, eat less and move more. Its that simple.  

People struggle because they do not want to put the work into it. I am the first to say, this has happened to me. There are so many times, I eat more than I should or have foods that I should not. I know what I am doing and it just seems easier at the time.

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