Friday, August 02, 2013

So Close

July is almost over. Only 2 more days left. So far I have achieved a personal best in miles per month, days ran in a month, longest run and I tied my personal best for days ran and am very close to breaking my average miles per run record.
With 2 days left, I only need to get in 1 5 mile run to break the last two records. However, I am tempted to go more.  If I go 15 miles over the last 2 days, I will have an average of 5.0 miles per run. This is a longtime goal of mine 

The other part of me is saying to stay smart. Go out for 1 run of 5 miles and achieve the records. Then take the last day of the month off and start August off fresh.  This was what I wound up doing. I ran 6 miles on July 30th and then took a rest day July 31st.

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