Monday, November 05, 2012

Cross Training

Sometimes, I think about adding other forms of exercise to my running.  Maybe I would enjoy riding an exercise bike on those cold rainy nights, or maybe swimming some laps in the pool at our community center.  Then I remember that the pool/fitness center is quite costly, plus it would take me about 20 minutes to get there by foot or by bus since I don’t have a car.  That kind of defeats the purpose, since I could have completed half my run in that time.  

Onto the next idea.  I’ve never really gotten into weightlifting.  The few times I’ve tried, I find myself getting bored very quickly.  So instead of conventional weights, I use my kids!  They are around 30 pounds each, so putting them on my back, shoulders or holding them is a workout in itself.  I’ve also incorporated pushups into my exercise routine.  I consistently complete 25-30, and have even made it to 50 a few times.

As you all know, I walk a lot.  During my morning and afternoon commute, I walk for 15 minutes to and from the bus stop.  Also, I take a 10-20 minute walk break once or twice at work and also manage to squeeze in at least one short walk on my lunch break.  After sitting all day, it is a welcomed relief.  

Do you have any other suggestions for exercises besides running?

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