Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Results Are In

The results are in and after a long day of counting and recounting, the winner is cholesterol.  I received my blood test results yesterday.  My overall cholesterol dropped from 133 to 111.  My good or HDL cholesterol stayed the same at 35, but my bad or LDL cholesterol dropped from 88 to 62!  My glucose dropped from 79 to 77 and my triglycerides went up from 50 to 66 which are still on the very low side.  I actually have a lower level of LDL cholesterol than triglycerides.  

As many of do after receiving test results, we do a web search on the numbers.  I wound up at the American Heart Association’s website.  I took a quiz to measure heart attack risk.  The range for cholesterol was from 130 on the low end. I could not even put my cholesterol number in the quiz.

This confirms that my current healthy way of living is working.  I do not have to make any significant changes in my diet or exercise routine.  

How have your results been?

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