Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Excited for a Blood Test

I have not been this excited for a test since the last final of my last semester of college.  This one though, I was not able to cram for.  I have a blood test scheduled to check my cholesterol and other numbers.  Since I started Running Without a Watch and changed my eating habits along the way, I was curious to see if this would translate into heart healthy numbers.  My numbers have not been too bad the past few years. I wish I had the results from my tests when I was 50 pounds heavier. 

Last year after only 3 months on this new healthy way of living, my numbers improved.

                                                                  2010           2011
                                  Cholesterol                 131            133
                                  HDL Cholesterol          25              35
                                  LDL Cholesterol           86              88
                                  Triglycerides                 98              50
                                  Glucose                        88              79

I am hoping to bring my good cholesterol up and maintain the ranges of the others.  We will see if eating all the fruit have paid off.  If my numbers go up, I will need to rethink some diet choices.

Stay tuned!

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