Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Cold is Back

I hate the cold weather, but I really hate running in the cold even more. Warm weather is easy; you wear shorts, a t-shirt, and a hat and make sure to drink. With cold weather, you have to choose between overdressing and under-dressing. If you overdress, then you are comfortable during the first half of your run, but need to shed layers by the second half.

 If you under-dress, then you might freeze during the first half of your run but finally get comfortable during the second half. I usually wind up overdressing because I just can’t stand being cold. My body hurts all over when I’m cold. I wear a long sleeve shirt, gloves and ear-warmers. Luckily my shorts have pockets to hold the gloves and ear warmers when I no longer need them. It is not even the coldest part of the year yet and I am already longing for the warm summer months. Once the true winter weather arrives, I will need to add my jacket and long pants to my running wardrobe.

How do you cope with the cold weather months?

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