Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Last Time

I am tossing the watch away for good.  I mean it.  No more timed runs to check on my speed—ever. These timed runs have become stressful and push me in the wrong direction.  Now let me explain. 

It was the last of the month and I already had a new record for miles run per month and for the number of days I went out running.  My original plan was to go out for an easy three miles, since anything I ran on this day was a bonus.  When I got home from work, I was feeling great.  My legs felt fresh and the evening was cool.  Why not go out for a timed run?  I wanted to see how fast I could run three miles.  Maybe I could break 24 or even 22 minutes. 

Well, I got to the first mile in 8:05 and my turnaround spot in 11:35.  So far, I was on fire.  I kept speeding on, going fast and pushing hard with each stride.  I finished in 24:15 for an average pace of exactly 8:05 per mile. Although my time was great, my body was already paying for it.  The second I stopped I knew that I had gone too fast.  

When I am Running Without a Watch, I move freely and instinctively.  I ease into my run and find a comfortable pace. I listen to my body, speeding up slowing down according to how I feel in the moment.  I feel relaxed and balanced, invigorated and refreshed.

And so it goes another step in the evolution of my running career.  After 14 months, I am finally done running with a watch for good!

How have you evolved as a runner?

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