Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If You're Sick, Stay Home

It’s that time of year again where many folks suffer from colds, sore throats or even worse ailments like the flu.  To make matters worse, these coughing, runny nosed, feverish people actually come to work sick!

Just the other day one of my colleagues came into work stating that he didn’t feel good.  He had the nerve to come in again the next day, and then left about two hours later after saying he thinks he has the flu.  Why show up and infect the rest of the office?  I remember last year, one girl spent half the day in the rest room puking her guts out, but still continued working.   

Why do people do it?  Is it the money?  The thought of having to make up their work once they return?  Will their supervisor give them poor marks on their next review?  I think it is extremely selfish.

Hopefully, the large amount of fruits and vegetables I eat during the day will help to combat the germs that I encounter on a daily basis from petri dish of an office I work in.  I also wash my hands carefully with soap and water throughout the day and upon entering my house, and I don’t share food or drinks with anyone but my wife.  Since the rest is out of my control, I simply count down the days until this miserable sick season is over and the warm weather returns!

How do you feel about coming to work sick?

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