Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

The month of March is looking to be a record setting month for me.  I am up to 61.6 miles over 13 days running so far.  Back in October, when I reached my highest monthly totals of 105.7 miles over 24 days, I was at 56.2 miles for the first 13 days.

I ran two 7 miles runs this week.  Sandwiched between them are two 4 mile runs.  The miles start to add up when you add a few here and a few there.  To break my record for miles and days run in a month, I need to run 44.1 over the next 12 days.  

Realistically, I do not see myself running the next 12 days.  That would put my steak at 16 consecutive days.  That is a lot.  I prefer to have at least one if not two days off during the remainder of the month.  The mileage will have to come without the day’s record.  This is doable, especially now that I am running 7 miles at least a once week.

Stay Tuned.

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