Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stopping and Starting Again

One skill that I have mastered in regards to running is being able to stop and then starting again.  It did not always used to be this way. There were times that if I stopped running to get a drink or tie my shoe, I would have much difficulty starting up again. The run would turn into a walk/run until I arrived home.

As much runs get longer, I need to stop to go to the bathroom or to fill my water bottle at a water fountain.  Sometimes, I need to retie my shoe.  This skill came in handy tonight.  As I was running, I came across a dog that was out of their gate.  The dog started to bark and growl at me.  I quickly stopped running and started to walk.

I walked for about 5 minutes until I got enough distance away from the dog.  I then was able to pick back up and continue to run.  Next time you are out running, after about 20 minutes or 20 miles, stop and try to start up again.

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