Friday, March 29, 2013

What's Next?

Now that I have completed my first race and have recovered, I need to decide what I want to do next.  While I have a year to get ready, I still would like to have an idea of my plans.  A year is too far that if I do not set a goal, it may get too late before I finally settle down to train for a race. 

I am deciding between 3 options; running the 10k and trying to improve my time, or training for the half or full marathon.   One of my goals is to train without getting injured and to not burn out.  The time constraints of training for a full marathon with young children in the house are also a factor.  

My plans are over the next three months to set a base of 25-35 miles a week vs. the 20-25 I do now. Then I will start training in July for 8 months.  

How did you decide your next step?

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