Monday, March 18, 2013

Running Tragedy

This past Friday, Tel Aviv held a half marathon and 10k run.  The marathon was also scheduled, but due to extreme heat for this time of year, it was pushed back a week.   The temperatures reached the mid 90’s and the humidity was increasing as well.  This is weather for May and June, not Mid march.  Due to the extreme weather, one runner died and about 35 were hospitalized.

There ware ways to prepare for a race when the weather gets to be this hot and it’s a surprise.  The main thing is to drink and to cool off. When I run in 100 degrees weather in the summer, I drink water, plus I pour water over my head to help cool off.   The next thing to do is to slow down.  Running in hot weather, is not the time to try to set a PR.  Forget the watch and just go as you feel. Learning to run by feel can help you during these extreme weather events.

The next thing is to get used to the heat.  This was forecast a few days before and it lasted about 4 days.  Go outside from the air conditioned office and sit in the son.  Feel the heat.  Lastly, when it doubt cancel. If your not sure if it will be safe, try to get a refund.  If you cant, you can still skip it or just walk part of the way.  I know I didn’t go running Friday night because of the heat.

Such a sad turn of events, but lets try to learn from this tragedy. 

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