Friday, March 22, 2013

Recovery Plan

I had somewhat of a recovery plan.  After the race, my plan included taking a walk in the afternoon following the race.  On the Saturday after the race, I planned on another walk and then a short run Saturday night.  Then take it from there.

What I did not realize was how exhausting the race was.  Not only physically, but mentally as well.  There was a lot of waiting and things to watch before the race.  Then I was off an running.  I kept looking at some of the beautiful sites around the city.

Instead, what happened was on Friday after the race, I took the kids out a short walk around the city.  We went playground hopping.  On Saturday morning, I awoke with some sore muscles in the upper part of the back of my legs.  The hills may have been a little steeper than I thought.

On Saturday, we did not go out for a long walk as I had planned, instead we went to a nearby playground.  Saturday night, I raw a slow 3 mile route just to get out there.  I took off from running on Sunday and on Monday, I was back up to 4 miles.  I took Tuesday off and ran 4 miles on Wednesday and 3 miles on Thursday. I took Friday off and then on Saturday night, I was back up to 7.4 miles.

How do you recover from a race?

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