Friday, March 01, 2013

Are You Going To Win Daddy?

My race is tomorrow and I was explaining to my kids what a race is and how it works.  My oldest asked me if I was going to win.  I told him no, that there are people faster than me. He said just run faster.  Ahh, to be 5 and think life is that easy.  

I spent about 10 minutes tonight pinning my bib on my shirt.  First I pinned it on, and then I remembered I tuck my shirt in when I run.  I then had to put on my shirt and shorts to find the right spot for the bib.  Everything fits comfortably.  

I just packed my bag.  I made sure to have some deodorant, a change of clothes and extra water in there for when I finish the race. I am also taking 2 pieces of my homemade banana bread.  One to eat before and one to eat afterwards.  

My day today was not ideal. I left the house at 6:00am and returned home 8:30pm.  For dinner, we went out for our work outing.  I had some baked salmon, French fries and some bread. 
I checked the bus schedule and I am all set for tomorrow.   

My dad called to tell me good luck and remember to have fun.

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