Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Best Stress Relief

I had one of those days today.  I was exhausted and work was starting to be a little stressful.  One of those days where there is not enough time but too much to do.  When I got home, I did not want to go out for a  run.  After the kids went to bed, I went to my own bed to lay down.  My wife came in and said “Get up, go out for a run”.

I got dressed and grabbed some music.  When I got out, it was cold.  I hate running in the cold.  I decided go my route that I would complete 5 miles  It was tough.  For most of the run, I felt tired.  Not in my legs, but it my head.  Somehow, I continued.  Near the end of the run I finally felt a little better. 

Running, there is no better stress relief.

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