Monday, September 24, 2012

A Run to Remember

This past weekend, my sister and her husband came to visit for the very first time.  We haven’t seen each other for about a year and a half.  She moved away from the town we grew up in a few years before I did.  Since she also loves running, we would always go out for a run during her visits home.  The best was when my dad would also join us.  Running with my family is something I’ve really missed.  

I finally got to do it again this weekend!  On Friday night, we went out for a five miler.  Our goal was to complete four miles while enjoying a scenic tour of my city, but we were both feeling good and decided to extend it another mile.  Since my sister is still recovering from a minor injury, we took it easy and did a walk/run combination.  Although that’s not my usual style of running, it was pretty relaxing and enjoyable.  Most importantly, my sister didn’t experience any knee pain.

The next night we went out for a quick three miler.  Since they were catching a flight later that night, we wanted to get one more run in together before they had to leave.  She told me later at dinner that she thoroughly enjoyed seeing the views and exploring my city, but was a bit challenged by the abundance of steep hills.  She made it though, and I was really proud of her.  The best part of course, was catching up on each other’s lives while doing something we both love.  

These were a couple of runs to remember. 

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