Thursday, September 27, 2012


Coffee, how I love thee.  Runners always speak of carbohydrates and proteins, but coffee is up near the top of favorite foods.  I love coffee.  I drink around 4-5 cups a day.  I drink it black.  No cream or sugar.  My favorite blend is Nescafé taster’s choice instant coffee.  Just boil some water and you are ready to go.  When I would purchase it from a store, Dunkin Donuts was the way to go.  

I have quit coffee a few times in the past but I always find myself going back to it.  In fact, I am contemplating quitting again.  I realize though I need it for my job.  Nothing shows a smile through the phone like a nice hot cup of coffee.  Also, at our household, we sometimes have some early mornings.  The kids can be up around 5:00am most mornings.  

The one thing I have noticed with my coffee addiction is that it is similar to my food additions.  If I try to cut back and slip up, it can take a few days to recover from it.  Sometimes I am all or nothing.  I would like to cut back to 3 cups a day, but it is difficult.  Coffee is my only source of caffeine.  I stay away from soda and energy drinks. 

How much coffee to do you drink?

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