Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It Starts at Home

I just read 2 articles (found here and here) about students in Wisconsin who are upset about Michelle Obama’s new school menus.  To me, this is much ado about nothing.  The system is set up for school lunches to serve a meal with a certain amount of calories based on the grade the child is in.

Many of the people upset are doing a brown bag protest.  This is where they bring their own lunch rather than buy. One of the boys quoted told his mom, they may be packing his lunch for the rest of the year.  I say that is great.  You can have a healthier lunch if it is brought from home.  For lunch, pack a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with some carrots and an apple. Maybe throw in a handful of nuts if you’re a student athlete. This is much healthier than 1 cheese stick, a side of sauce, apples and some spinach. 

The reporter is actually supporting the kids based on the fact they don’t eat breakfast in the morning before school. 

We also know that many teens, like many of their parents, tend to skip breakfast during the morning rush. That makes a satisfactory lunch even more important.
This is a ridiculous statement.  How about teaching kids how important breakfast is.  How long does it take to eat a bowl of cereal and milk?  5 -10 minutes.  Eat a banana or a another piece of fruit.  

The obesity crisis is growing in the US and unless we make some changes it is only going to get worse. 
How do you feel about Michelle Obama’s plan?

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