Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running With the Pros

As I was watching the NFL and baseball over the weekend I got to thinking.  When would I ever get the chance to play in one of those games, to compete on the same field as the pros? Never.  That’s why running is so wonderful.  You can run on the same roads as the pros, and even run in the same races. 

As a kid, maybe you imagined hitting a home run in Yankee Stadium or scoring a touchdown at Giants Stadium.  Whether it’s Boston, New York, Chicago or any of the big marathons that attract some of the elite runners, you too can sign up and run in these very same races.  Of course you probably won’t be running at the exact same time, but at least it’s the same day, on the same course.  (It’s not like they have a special course for pros and a different one for us mere mortals!)

Even if you are not running in a race, you can still run the same streets that the race was held on.  What would happen on a Sunday morning, if you went down to your local stadium and tried to play a softball game with your pals?

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