Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Walk of Shame

The walk of shame. You know you have been there. Not that walk of shame.  I’m talking about  the walk back from the vending machine as all eyes are glaring at you. They do a double take. They can't believe that you, who always brings a lunch filled to the brim with glorious and colorful fruits and vegetables are actually eating that stuff in the crinkly wrapper.

Truth betold, every once in a while I buckle under the pressure of a craving and head toward the vending machine to satisfy the urge for junk food.  Why can’t I just indulge and eat my snack in peace?  It seems that after changing your lifestyle to a more healthy way of living, one can feel like a politician.  If I slip up or I decide to have something unhealthy to eat, people seem to take notice. 

Sometimes, you will hear a comment or two.  “Are you really eating that?  I thought you stopped eating those kinds of foods.”  There is nothing wrong with going to the vending machine or having something unhealthy to eat as long as this is an exception and not the rule.  I have learned to incorporate the occasional unhealthy snack into my overall healthy lifestyle.

Do people around you ever make remarks or watch you with the evil eye when you decide to have the occasional unhealthy treat?

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