Monday, September 03, 2012

August Stats

My goals for August were to run 90 miles over 23 days.  I wound up running 100.7 miles over 21 days.  Not too bad!!!  I am now looking towards September.  I already have a few scheduled family events that will cut down on my running this month.  I am shooting for 20 days and running 90 miles.  Another goal is to get to a new personal best long run of 9 miles. 

I love September.  It’s a great month for running.  The days are still a little long, not as long as July, but longer than December.  The weather is still warm during the day but the nights and mornings turn cooler.  The kids go back to school.  Football (GO RAVENS) starts in 3 days and the pennant races in baseball are winding down (GO ORIOLES).

How did your August turn out and what do you have planned for September?

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