Friday, September 07, 2012

I Hate Dogs

I hate dogs.  Actually, I hate irresponsible dog owners who walk their dog without a leash.  And my city happens to be filled to the brim with these reckless dog walkers who endanger all those around them, including their own beloved pets. 

Majority of the time, nothing happens as I slow down to pass.  However, once in a while, the dog will start barking and their owner will call to them.  We have two dog parks in the city where the dogs can run free.  Why can’t they put them on a leash until they get there?

Another bad habit of some dog owners is leaving the dog dropping right there on the ground, sometimes in the middle of the sidewalk, like it’s going to magically disappear all by itself.  Some nights I feel like I am jumping hurdles doing my run!   

How do you handle dogs when you go out for a run?


  1. Today was the first time I had to deal with dogs, twice. First time I saw a little yappy one but it didnt leave the yard. Then a f-150 came running around from the back, so across the street I went. lol They had an electric fence thankfully but that was the first time Ive been down that street. 2nd time was another dog the size of my shoe. The owner was calling him but he kept coming at me. I slowed a bit just in case he did catch up and I finally just lunged at him. Off he went once I did that. We have the same issue with droppings and one neighbor lets her dog do it all the time on the sidewalk. One day it will all end up on her front porch.

  2. Its scary. I know the people always say, the bark is worse than their bite, but I do not want to find out. I also just finished reading in Runners World about a ferocious pit bull attack on two runners.