Monday, December 17, 2012

I have ran 900 miles so far this year.  When the year started, my goal was to just get out there and run.  I did not have a set mileage goal. I never even thought about it.  900 miles is a nice round number.  It is roughly the distance from New York City to Atlanta.   

In mid-October, I received my November 2012 issue of Runner’s World.  There was an article from Amby Burfoot who is reflecting on his 50 years of running.  He states:

My vote for the smartest running streak goes to the annual-mileage streak. Try to hit 1,000 miles a year for as long as you can. That's roughly 20 miles a week, a solid marker of dedication and persistence. Annual mileage streaks give you a bar to clear, but also give you wiggle room for flu, injuries, new jobs, new kids, new relationships, new homes, and all the usual stuff.
 This got me thinking.  Can I reach 1000 miles this year?  It was going to be close. I would have had to run 110 miles 3 months straight over 27 days.  At the time, my longest monthly run was 22 days and mileage was 100.7 (I later topped both of these in October with 105.7 miles over 24 days running).  With only 2 weeks left in 2012, I will not make to 1000.  1000 was a goal that was set too late.  I am ok with that.  Running is still part of my life but not my entire life.  There is always 2013.

How close are you to your 2012 goals and will you reach them this year?

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