Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Starting the Month off Slow

This month has gotten off to a slower start than I hoped to.  I had only ran 5 days in the first 9 days this month for 21 miles.  Some things were unavoidable.  It rained and my wife wanted to go out one evening (she earned it).  Others were just laziness on my part.  I had the cold weather and the colder it gets, the less I feel motivated to get out there for a run.

I just checked my running log and I am not that far off where I was in the past few months.  If I get out the next 4 nights, I will be at 37 -40 miles.  That will put me right on track to where I was in October before I ran 105.7 miles.  I am also about 29 miles off of reaching 900 miles for the year.  I may even be able to get there by the end of this weekend,.

How is your November starting out?

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