Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Too Much Weight Loss

I hate when people tell me that I have lost too much weight, especially when it’s family or friends.  They know I am big into running and that I have lost close to 50 pounds since my peak years ago.  More recently I’ve dropped about 15 pounds.  The weight is staying off and sometimes it is still coming off.

I am below 160 pounds now.  It would be great to make it down to 150, but if I don’t, then I’m totally okay with it.  I am running about 4-5 days a week for about 20-25 miles a week.  I am averaging nearly 20 days a month with 80-100 miles running.  I walk a lot for leisure.  After sitting on a bus for 30-40 minutes in the morning, I often take a 15 minute walk instead of a second bus ride to get to work.  At lunch after sitting all day, I take another 15 minute walk.  I also walk on my commute home.  These are done at a nice pace.

I am eating very healthy.  I eat when I am hungry.  Usually, I snack on fruit or vegetables.  I’ve stopped measuring my cereal in the morning because by eating a bit more, I am able to stay full for another couple of hours.  I prepare all of my own dinners, even when I’m tired and pressed for time.  I rarely eat from restaurants except maybe once a month, and I stopped eating sweets except for my treat of chocolate chips a few times a week.  

What I am trying to say, is that you shouldn’t worry when people say you have lost too much weight.  Your body knows when you have lost enough.  As long as you are eating healthy throughout the day, have plenty of energy, and are not doing excessive exercise, you are most likely on the right track.  If you still have any lingering doubts, you can always contact your primary care physician.  
What do you think?  Have you ever been told to stop losing weight?

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