Friday, December 07, 2012

Treadmill or Deadmill

Here is an article talking about how running on a treadmill can affect your workouts outside.  They mention that using the treadmill at a 3% incline will help you transition from inside to outside running.  

Speaking from my own treadmill experience, I ran five to six miles a day at 0% incline.  During this time, I was getting faster and my endurance was improving.  However, one day my treadmill broke and I decided to try going outside.  I went for a three mile long run during which I could not go as fast as I was used to.  Upon returning to the treadmill I changed the incline to 1%, which greatly improved my running outside.  This came in handy as my treadmill broke again and again and I found myself running outside for an entire month.   

Do you use an incline on your treadmill?  Do you find it difficult or easy to go from running inside to outside?

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