Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Too Tired To Run

Tonight I was too tired to run. There have been times, when I have gone running feeling like this and almost fell asleep during the run. The kids woke us up around four o’clock this morning and they refused to go back to bed.  Plus with the two runs I did over the weekend and the 2.5 hour walk I took with the kids on Saturday, I was feeling exhausted.  On my walk home from the mall I told myself, running is part of your life; it is not your life.  This translated into taking a night off.

I decided to go home and get started on a healthy dinner.  I put sweet potato fries in the oven and then made myself a delicious egg and cheese and red pepper sandwich.  I then noticed we were running low on banana bread.   I quickly made a batch and had it cooking in the oven while we ate dinner. 

I have come a long way since I first started running.  I really used to hate taking a day off.  Now I make sure that I put my time to good use when I can’t or just do not want to go running that night.   

How do you make use of the days you are not running?

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