Thursday, December 06, 2012

Is Running Harmful?

I detest irresponsible reporting, such as this article from yahoo health.  It grabs the reader’s attention with its provocative headline:  Running may be harmful to your heart.  What a misleading headline.  By reading further, it’s clear that the article is talking about endurance and marathon training with regards to older runners.    

Fortunately, I know first-hand that running is healthy and has helped me out tremendously.  Eight years ago I was 50 pounds heavier.  Who knows how heavy I would be today if I did not continue to run.  Instead of losing weight, I could have gained 50 pounds or more.  

The problem with these articles is that someone who is thinking about losing weight and changing their life may skim this headline and be led to believe that running is a dangerous exercise.  It might help them to justify staying on the couch instead of getting up and taking a step toward a healthier lifestyle.  I learned long ago to read the news VERY carefully, so as not to be led to the wrong 

What do you think?

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