Thursday, February 28, 2013

Asking For Advice

With the race coming up in a few days, I have a few coworkers who are either running in the same race or their spouse is asking me for advice.  One question that was asked; What should they eat before the race?   This is a 10k we are all running, not a marathon.  They were planning on eating a huge pasta meal the night before the race.  I told him to tell his wife to eat what she normally eats before she works out.  

Another question that came up, should I stretch before I run the race?  My personal preference is no.  I never stretch before I run. If my legs do not feel warmed up, I start off slow.  I used to start off with a 5 minute walk before I would break into a run.  

Someone else asked me if we should wear the shirt the day of the run.  They wanted to know if doing this would bring bad luck.  I told them no, it has nothing to do with luck.  You just do not want to wear a new shirt on the day of a race if you never have worn it before.  The reason is comfort.  Why go into a race and be uncomfortable. The same advice can be applied with new shows.  Make sure to wear them a few times before the race to break them in.

The most important thing is to have fun.

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